All about the pouf

It started as a joke and now it became my real passion.

I always liked knitting and crochet but never thought that one day I will dedicate so much time to it. Once my beloved husband asked me to make a pouf for him. Actually his words were: “Why don’t you make something useful for our home :-). ” He was absolutely sure that this would be mission impossible for me but when he got his pouf we both changed the idea about my abilities and real possibilities of knitting.

This first creation was so significant for me and we liked it so much that I started to do  poufs for my friends and relatives creating new and new designs. Is not possible to stop anymore. Everyone is waiting for pouf. I don’t need to ask about the birthday present, the answer is always the same !!!

After making enough poufs I decided to open my Etsy shop. I thought that it is not enough to put there just finished products but I wanted to share my designs with a lot of other knit and crochet lovers. Make your own pouf by yourself gives you real satisfaction so the decision was to put also the patterns where you can get different technics of pouf making.

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